Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's been a while...

I seemed to have dropped off the face of the internet but I have been here and there lurking and admiring other folks homes and what not. 

There is nothing to report on my end though, which is frustrating.  BB&T asked for updated bank statements and paychecks on 24 August.  It's been almost 3 weeks and I haven't heard anything good or not so good about loan approval.  I am hoping to hear something by Friday.  And I say Friday because I had hoped to close in November at the end of my apartment lease.  The original bank documents had me closing 15 October which wouldn't have worked at all.  So this isn't a bad thing, let's say the official approval comes this week, if the pre-construction meeting is next week (wishful thinking) construction could start by the end of September and there's still a possibility of closing and moving in by the end of November.

My visits to the community have gone from every other day (in the beginning aren't we all so anxious, just like kids in a candy store) to once every two weeks, if that.  The first two buildings are almost finished.  Not sure what else there left to be done, but a few weeks back before the locks were put on the doors I drove by on a Sunday and snuck a peek.  Such an awesome feeling to go in and envision where I would put my things.  And it was just like Goldilocks...not too big, not too small...but juuuuust right.  :)  The following Sunday I thought I'd go back and take pics.  Yeah, not so fast because the doors were locked.  But the good thing is that hopefully the model will be ready soon (I remember the SR saying the model was supposed to be completed by August...) and I can take pics with it all decorated and spiffy. 

So I'll sign off now...frustrated but still faithful.  Ya'll take care.  :)

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