Saturday, March 23, 2013


Color scheming...that is.

Hey everyone out there in RH Blog Land.  Hope every is doing well at whatever point you are in construction, move in, live in...etc. 

Not much going on in my journey...except I kinda, sorta, found a color scheme while walking through Tarjay this morning.  When I first moved in, I ventured over to value city and they had a grey couch with stripped grey/white side chairs in their showroom.  Something about the grey stood out to me, not sure what it was but I liked it.  Ever since then I've been looking at grey(s) and trying to figure out how I can work it into my home.  I picked up some paint cards at Lowe's last week and most of them were grey but one of them is this light blue...might be light greyish blue color that I think I could live it.  It's not loud that it over powers anything, it's just very subtle.  Today in Tarjay the blue, grey theme clicked. Then I saw a mustard yellow and I loved the combination with the grey.  I figure I can carry these colors upstairs to the two bedrooms and bathrooms...mix it around a little and it might just work. I think these colors will work with the cabinets, counter tops, and floor very well.

 It's kind of funny because I stopped in to see my SR yesterday (she's such a sweet lady...I think she got all of us new homeowners housewarming gifts) and I was telling her that I had no decorating skills...she offered to stop and give some tips/suggestions...anywho, in Target it seemed that part of that decorating know how kicked in.  So here's what I found in Target and the paint cards from Lowe's:

Without flash, the blue looks very subtle

With Flash...the blue is what I'd use for an accent wall down stairs in the dining area and living area

Maybe this pattern (or something similar for curtains...upstairs? It's busy, but I like it.

I just liked the blue-ish color here, can't remember if this was a curtain sample or drapes

Gray pillow...and noticed the two below...for couch or bedroom

I love the texture


Yellow, gray, white...and the teal-ish one above

Again, kinda busy, but I like the pattern

 In my mind, I would paint two accent walls downstairs, in my dining area and behind my couch, these would go well with the light bluish color

Love these

Grey, plain and simple.  Love it

Grey, mustardy yellow and a combo above...

IDK what color this is...but I like it

for the kitchen...bluish/grey I think

Table running for my table...whenever I find one I like

These are tablecloths...but I read on Pinterest how to DIY and make curtains from table cloths

Another table cloth...potential drapes and cheaper than the drapes themselves

don't know where I'd put these, I just thought they were cute


  1. Beautiful color scheme! I love gray. Since I need to save money I am keeping the color scheme I currently have when we move to our Ryan home which is tan, brown, and rust/orange. The colors just feel warm and cozy to me when I walk in the house.

    I just think when it comes to decorating you just need to find what speaks to you and then it falls into place.

  2. I am SO loving the navy blue, mustard yellow and grey scheme that is so popular right now. I like your selections and I think I may check target out and use that color scheme in my master bath.

    Lol to the comment above about things speaking to you: when I read that the Pier 1 Imports commercial came to mind where the decorations start speaking to you. So true!

    I can't wait to see your finished design projects :)

  3. No decorating skills, who are you kidding?? I LOVE the colors you have picked and the different patterns, too! Nice job.


  4. I am going with gray in my master. I love the yellow with it. I'm still looking for a comforter set to inspire me!