Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm becoming Ms. Fixit...

Last day of my vacation and I decided I better do laundry. I'd been putting it off for the last today was the day.  Washer and dryer were hooked me...the day I moved.  I turned the washer on went downstairs and started lunch.  Went back upstairs and something told me to check to see if the machine was leaking.  Good thing I did.  The cold water fill hose was leaking.   I thought maybe I hadn't tightened it properly and proceeded to do so.  Turned the machine back on and the leak was still there. brother is 2 hrs away and I don't have a handy man here... never needed one.   Went to Lowe's to get replacement hoses and started looking at new washers and dryers...omg can you say pretty,  lol because that's what's important right?   I ended up talking to the but who helped us pick out my fridge and he suggested I try and replace the houses save money.   Good idea...came back home and replaced the hose and no leak...yes!  So happy that I don't have to take on any addt'l debt to replace anything just yet.  I've had my washer  and dryer since 2002 and have been through 7 moves. ..I'll be using them until they fall apart.  :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Late night, early mornings...

Guardian showed up this morning for their 8-12 8 am.  What company does that?  Not any other company I've ever worked with that set those 4 hr block appts.  So glad I'd gotten up early...dressed...or else it could have been kinda...awkward. But hopefully he'll be finished soon and my alarm will be set up and ready to go. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Move is done...

Now it's time to unpack.  I moved Saturday...movers arrived at 9:00 and were finished by 11:00.  Didn't cost nearly as much as I was expecting - which saved me a couple of dollars. yay!  My mom and brother came up and surprised me by helping purchase blinds and a fridge.  I ended up with a Samsung fridge.  My mom LOVEDEDED (lol) the Samsung french door fridge that could run apps and stuff.  I loved it as well...however, that price was waaaay out of my comfort zone.  I love the model I got (see below) and I put all my little knick knacks on it today.  Feels like home :)  Can I tell ya'll how much I love having a garage.  OMG...I love the fact that my car is out of the elements which means it's not as cold as it could be and I don't have to spend time de-icing in the morning. YAY!

Set my cookbooks up in a corner.  So ready to prepare a home cooked/my first home meal. :)

The other part of the kitchen.  My sorority sister got a shadow box poodle picture for me as a housewarming/christmas/sorry you had an accident (her words not mine, lol) and I plan to put it over the sink.  It goes along with everything.

But then the unpacking...omg...the thing I hate most about moving is packing stuff up and then unpacking.  I got a lot of stuff unpacked last night.  Because on Saturday I refused to even open a box.  I still have a bunch of books and CDs/DVDs to unpack and put up...but that can wait. 

So far the only part of the townhouse that is done is the kitchen. I have a couple of purchases that will happen over time.  But I just don't want to go in debt buying furniture and other accessories right now. So one room/accessory at a time.  First up will be a dining room table/chairs.  Don't need anything big but I did find this online at the Home Depot and I love the style of the table and chairs:

Then I need a rug for the dining and living spaces.  Hardwood is great but rugs will add some warmth. And finally I want to replace my living room furniture.  I've had this since I moved in my first apt...over 10 yrs ago.  It's been through 8 moves and 3 cities.  It's held up well, I must admit.

I didn't realize that the color of my couch/chair/ottoman would go so well with the floors, cabinet, and granite.  It's crazy but I didn't even think about coordination when I made my selections. 

I have yet to seal the counter...going to do that shortly and let it sit overnight.  Then I need to clean the hardwoods and apply the Bruce hardwood stuff (cleaner I guess).  So much to little time

And I am really trying to get used to the neighbors behind me who have no blinds on their windows...or curtains...downstairs.  I guess they are comfortable with having folks look into their home.  That would freak me out though...I would have had to improvise had my blinds not been purchased and installed Saturday.  Having nothing on the bueno.

My mom and brother loved everything.  Although I am not a baby anymore (though I am the baby of the two of us - me and my brother) it felt good to get their approval.  Though they wouldn't have been anything else but happy.

So...that's all for now.  ttyl :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Guess what...

Chicken  Sorry had to do it.  :)


God is so good!!!!  I worried and got frustrated but in the end it happened not in my time but his.

Thank you all for the support. ..and well wishes and just for reading my blog period.

Guess who's moving Saturday!?!?! Meeeeeee!!

Twas the day of closing and....

it's not going to happen.  I am so over BB&T (Branch Banking and Trust) and my loan officer and her team at this point.  I was supposed to close at 1130 this morning.  It's 1134 and I'm sitting at work, no word from the loan officer but I emailed the attorney and they are telling me they haven't received the loan instructions.  Really?!?  I'm not surprised, this is the same person who last week didn't realize (although she should have) who I had re-selected as closing attorney.  Yesterday I was told that she was sending information to the wrong person at BB&T...and she'd had to resend to the paralegal.  That would lead me to believe that she sent the package over to them.  I gotta stop using common sense logic and get on their level.  So I have no idea when closing will be...but at this point it's whatever.  I don't even care anymore. 

And as I type this I just received information that the loan was finally approved.  I just don't get it...why wasn't this done last week?  It's not like she didn't have all the information necessary to send to the underwriter.  I was led to believe that everything had been approved.

I don't drink but I need a good stiff one right now...I am too through with this whole process.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Closing...tentatively Jan 15

Is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan 15...

You'd think at this point I'd have no worries and all would be well...

My final appraisal was ordered and completed Mon/Tuesday.  Pre-Settlement walkthrough was Tuesday at 9am.  Got an email from my 'realtor' (yeah, I am so putting him on blast when I get a chance) who I haven't heard a peep from since mid July telling me that my attorney (shouldn't have provided his information to them) has not received the closing pkg from the bank.  My LO said yesterday she hoped final approval would be completed...yesterday.  It wasn't.  Emailed her this morning and asked...what's the status, is there any other information you need?  She emails me back that the underwriter needs additional bank info. couldn't have sent this to me last week sometime?  Nah, that would have been too easy.  I sent the information and not 20 min later get a call.  It's goes something like this:

LO: Hi Courtney, it's ____!
Me: Hi  *blank stare*
LO: We have a problem
Me: Ok *blank stare* *knot forms in throat*
LO: I have the RH attorney down for you...we can't use them
Me: *thinking to my self - seriously...wth* I told me the week before Christmas that I would have to chose another attorney...I did.  I'm using _____.
LO: Oh...I wonder if they've done the title search...
Me: *sigh...thinking why the heck did I chose this bank* Yeah, the week of Christmas I was told they would start the title search
LO: Oh, good.  I still had the RH attorney down
ME: *thinking to my self...good grief...I emailed you the name of the atty I selected and you said you'd reach out to them* I have been in contact with ____ at _____
LO: OK, I'll reach out to her.

Seriously...seriously....SERIOUSLY!!!!! I know she received my emails because she responded to them.  So 2 business days before possible closing and this is what you got for me?  I was supposed to receive an email from my LO once the underwriter had confirmed the pkg was sent.  Guess email.  Surprised...yeah, I'm not.  So I emailed my attorney/paralegal to see if they received the pkg.  I need to know Monday what amount to bring to settlement and right now I have no idea.

Oh and if closing doesn't take place on the 15th, the info I sent expires.  Yay me! *Sarcasm* so I have to go through all this again. 

My attorney's office is open tomorrow til I am hoping the paralegal responds that they received the pkg.  If not, we'll try it again.  This will not get me down, I won't allow it....but I just hate to go through the motion of rescheduling everything (movers, utlities, days off work...ugh!)