Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Let's talk about...

Settlement/settlement agent, attorney, and closing. 

Homeclosing101.com (or .org) helped me understand the closing process.  I emailed my real estate agent a few questions because the terms threw me off a little.  Throw in title insurance and oh boy, talk about a headache.  He told me that title insurance (for the lender and me) are required in NC and will be something the closing attorney arranges.  I asked if I needed a settlement agent or legal representation.  He told me that NC law states I have to use an attorney to close a real estate transaction; this was in everyone's best interest so there would be no need for me just to have one for myself as the attorney (and I need to clarify whose attorney) would be looking out for both parties.  I asked if he could recommend someone who can handle title insurance as well as conduct the settlement.  He told me that the builders settlement company would handle that. 

I think it would be in my best interest to still have an attorney present, I'll get some referrals this week.  I've read over the information sent to me by both BB&T and NVR with respect to the business they recommended to handle settlement and unless I am misunderstanding, I need to make a selection from their lists or shop around. 

I may be jumping the gun, but I want make sure I have things lined up and I have a good understanding of everything. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Framing is up...

not for my townhouse, but for the model. Did a drive by after church services this afternoon and was surprised to find the frame up.  There was other building material there for the other units/buildings.  Yay (even though it's not for my building).  Seeing the frame gave me an overall feel for how things are going to look. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Annnnnd the winner is....

It took me a total of an hour for my floor and wiring appointments this afternoon.  I actually went to the wrong location for my flooring selection, but thankfully I had a few minutes to spare and had my trusty, handy dandy binder with me that contained the correct address.  See if I ever google again, lol.

Anywho, I got there and looked around while waiting for my sales rep to finish her call.  She did and we got started. This was pretty easy, she did touch a nerve though as she kept referring to my selections as...'little' and I mean in the sense of...'well, let me get your little granite or let me get your little cabinet.'  Maybe I took it the wrong way.  As expected I did upgrade flooring, and dang it I didn't get any pics of the standard hardwoods to post along with the selection I chose.  But I upgraded to #2, Bruce Legacy Manor Spice Tint.  It's dark, but really suits the Espresso cabinets I chose.  I think the flooring, cabinets, and granite will look perfectly together.  Of course, that's $745 added to the bottom line, but I'm coming to grips with that.  So, I have the hardwoods in my entire downstairs (kitchen, foyer, great room, and dinette). Kept the standard choices upstairs and went with brownish carpet (no upgrade on carpet or pad) in both bedrooms and linoleum in the laundry room, and both bathrooms.

And the appointment with Guardian went well.  The rep was great.  I fully expected to go in and have him try and twist my arm into upgrades that I didn't need or want.  But he was straight to the point, no need to waste my time with something that I'm not interested in.  So I have 3 CATV outlets, one phone outlet (because I use my cellphone and don't plan on getting a land-line) and I went ahead and signed up for the security system and monthly monitoring for $46 per month for 3 yrs.

So here's my flooring selections (took these pics with my cell phone camera so the quality may be lacking a little but you get the idea :) )...

                                          Cabinets, granite and the flooring choices...the lighter
                                         hardwood was more reddish...but the combo of the floor
                                         cabinet and granite didn't do anything for me :)

                                              Kitchen cabinets, flooring, and granite counter
                                              this picture isn't the best, but you get the idea

                                      Santa Cecilia granite and Espresso cabinets...the pic doesn't
                                       do it justice

                                           Maple Spice, standard white marble, and linoleum

                                          I opted for brownish carpet as opposed to beige, and
                                          kept the standard, the only carpet will be upstairs plus
                                          I'm a 'brown/red' type person when it comes to color.
                                          So the linoleum is tan/brownish as well, which I believe
                                          will go well with the Maple Spice cabinets and marble

                                         Maple Spice, standard white marble, and brownish
                                         linoleum with nickel hardware.

Enjoy your weekends!!

Later Gators!


I add this as an edit to my last post.  I should give my real estate agent more credit.  I received a response to my questions, but I have more questions.

Oh by the way...found this website which helped break the code...for me at least...on the whole home buying process.  Homeclosing 101

Will post more later...enjoy your Friday! :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Can you say confused?

Well, another week has gone by and I think a lot happened this week (and it's not even over yet) :).

I received a letter from my loan processor last Friday...discovered this week I got the letter because I hadn't completed and returned the application/disclosures with all the documentation.  I learned yesterday that the application package was sent the week before last.  So many revelations this week.  Turns out that not only did BB&T send a package, but NVR did as well.  So they'd both been sitting in the apt complete office for almost two weeks.  Had my BB&T loan officer not called me, I would've been none the wiser.  I reviewed both packages...and drumroll please....decided to stick with BB&T.  The interest rate on the GFE (like I how used that, lol) was 4.129%, NVR was under that, I believe it was 3.37% but with BB&T there is no PMI.  After crunching the numbers, the difference between the mortgage with PMI and without it was about $60.  In the end, I'd rather keep that money use it as extra towards my principal.  So part 1 of this confusing week is over...I hope :/.  All the information has been sent to my loan officer and loan processor at BB&T and now I wait.

Part 2 of this confusing week started as I was reading over the information included in the loan packages. Things like owners title insurance and settlement escrow/agent are really throwing me off.  I can shop around for these or I can go with the recommended companies...so this is where a real estate agent comes in right? Riiiiiiight....emailed him this evening a list of questions and hopefully he'll be able to shed some light on the next step in this process. I elected to participate in my company's group legal plan this year because I knew I wanted to buy, so maybe I can use their services as the settlement escrow/agent - we'll see.

Wiring and flooring appointments tomorrow, finally!! Lol, I'm excited.

I'm wondering was anyone excited but nervous at the same time, like oh em gee...what am I doing?  I feel that way.  I'm questioning if it's the right thing to do...but I feel like it is.  Can't really say there' would be a better time (unless it was years ago when I was younger).  Anyway, I told my mom weeks ago that it just felt right, I guess I have to remember what made it 'feel' right.

Well tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!! YAY!!!  I'll try to post pics of my selections from flooring.  Wiring is going to be easy, lol, I'm really basic. I just need a cable/internet outlet (or satellite tv) and a plug for my tv.

Later Gators!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Happy friday folks! I have an appointment with Advanced Flooring next week.  Hallelujah!! It took a few days to schedule but it's done!  So next Friday, I'm meeting with Guardian and the flooring folks.  Yay!! 

Well, I can add that I received information from my mortgage processor at BB&T.  Good thing I checked my mail today and didn't wait the usual 2 weeks.  I also have to take a home buyers educational course (online) and provide a copy of the certification of completion. I have almost everything available as requested with the exception of 1 thing.  Things are starting to happen... :)

Later Gators...have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hump Day...

Not much in the way of updates this evening...I scheduled my appointment with Guardian and playing phone tag with the flooring folks.  But at least we have contact :). 

I read someone's blog today re: their Guardian appointment and they mentioned they didn't get any upgrades so the appointment was pretty useless.  I don't plan on doing anything extra either, but I don't think the appointment will be useless at all.  It's just the basics for me (at least as far as the wiring is concerned).  I plan on adding a security system later, but am pretty sure I can find a great deal.

The flooring on the other hand, that might be a different story.  But we'll see. 

My mortgage professional is on vacation this week, so no news on the status of the application, she has a back up and I will probably reach out to her tomorrow.  I want to stay on top of things (I'm a huge procrastinator) and the more I can prepare now, the better. 

Other than that, nothing else to report.  I went by the site last week and construction had started on the other previously sold buildings.  I believe 2 end units of my building have been sold, so here's hoping the middle unit sales (and here's praying that the neighbors are a great people...apt living has made me such a skeptic, lol). 

But, I'm still excited.  If/when I have more to  share I will.  Later gators.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Monday folks....

Well, as it turns out, I read the guide wrong yesterday.  Reread today and I was supposed to receive a call from Guardian and Advance Flooring.  That was on my to do list anyway, to call them.  As it turns out I received a call from Guardian around lunch time and I left a message for Advance Flooring.  All's well that end well, huh? 

Other than than no updates, no news.  Other than it being insanely warm and muggy in the Carolinas today. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012


For some reason I thought Guardian and the flooring folks were supposed to contact me to set up appointments.  Well, I actually read the Homeowner's Road Map this afternoon and found out that I was supposed to contact them for an appointment.  Oops...my bad.  So, first thing Monday I'll be scheduling those appointments. 

Thanks to Kim who commented on having espresso cabinets and hardwoods.  Great to know.  I found a picture online from another blogger and the counters and granite are the same as my choices.  They have what I'd like to say is honey colored hardwoods.  It looked nice and eased my concerns.

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Roxbury, My Ryan Home

NVR Mortgage and other ramblings...

Well, just when I had given up all hope on ever speaking to someone from NVR, Michelle called me yesterday afternoon.  I'll see what they offer, but I believe in my case BB&T may be the best choice. 

I wasn't sure if I should work with a Real Estate agent or not.  Actually 3 weeks ago, I was totally lost.  Who knew the builder/sales rep would provide a welcome package which basically outlined what should happen and when.  Duh...right, lol.  Guess I should have known.  Anyhoo, I am working with an agent and I figured he would help me through the process....so, why has my sales rep been much more helpful.  It's only been a week since I signed the purchase agreement contract and I am hoping that maybe, possibly, hopefully I hear from my agent soon.  Even just a hellooooo, are you still there email or phone call will do.

That's it for now...oh, I rode by the site yesterday, seems they are putting down the foundation for the model.  My sales rep said it should be completed by July!!  July!!! Then I'll be able to get an actual idea of the set up.

Another thing...I have been wanting to adopt a pet for the longest.  So now I am day dreaming about adopting a cat...and having that cat meet me at the door (lol, I have a friend who teased me mercilessly because I thought the cat would actually do that) and keep me company. 

And one last thing...espresso cabinets...I picked those out initially but am having some serious second thoughts.  I don't know if the cabinets would look good with hardwoods.  I have searched the internet and found a few pics of the color combination and I'm not completely sold on it.  So I have until the 16th to make changes.  I need to that this weekend.  Or maybe my kitchen floor could be tile instead...I don't know.  I just want everything to look good and my intuition is telling me it may not. 

Well...that's it (yes, that's really it) for now.  Have a grand weekend!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The mortgage application...

Well, I contacted the NVR mortgage representative last Friday.  I was told that she would follow up on Monday...today is Wednesday.  I was leaning toward BB&T for financing...and I've gotten a response from them so today I emailed the contract and my mtg rep will start the application process.  Praying that all goes well...

Big Decisions...

I started contemplating buying a home last September.  Yeah, I got started a little late but it was something I wanted to do.  I wanted to stop renting and be in my own home, where I called the shots.  I wasn't sure if I wanted a townhome or if I wanted a house.  All I wanted was my own home.  I started searching the internet for downpayment assistance programs and that when I found the NC Housing Finance Agency's website and what they offered to first time buyers.  I was excited to say the least, this website meant that my dream of owning a home could be a possibility.  While I didn't buy last year I looked forward to the process this year.  I kept searching the real estate websites for homes that were in my price range and I found Stone Grove at Whitehall townhomes.  Fast forward to the weekend of Memorial Day...I went to the Ryan Homes website and I saw the current incentives being offered for new homes at Stone Grove.  I couldn't pass up 42" cabinets, hardwoods, granite, and stainless steel appliances...and a garage.  I went in Saturday to get more information and ended up doing a cost estimate.  I came back home, reviewed the cost estimate...made a couple of changes.  Stopped back by that following Tuesday, reviewed the cost estimate with the Sales Rep and afterwards, decided that I wanted to make that big step. On Thursday I signed a Purchase agreement, put down my earnest money and that was it...the beginning of the biggest purchase of my life.  I'm excited.  I prayed about this, if it was the right decision...I believe that it is and I believe that God is with me in this journey.