Thursday, September 20, 2012

A few pics...

A few pics (a  bit out of order) of the model townhome, what I saw day after work during a down pour, some things I spotted at Marshalls, and the first building finally completed.  The pics I took during the rain and the subsequent standing water concern me and will be brought up during my pre-construction meeting.


  1. Thanks for the pictures! I love the red theme! Did you buy the sign from Marshalls--pretty cool--it reminds us to enjoy life and the process no matter what it looks like to us!

    btw-here are a couple of tips for your blog
    1. turn off the word verification - it makes bloggers decipher these weird letters that are hard to read before we can leave a comment.
    2. When you post your pictures, just keep selecting the pictures you want to post than hit the button that says add selected, once you do that, click each picture and you can leave comments under each picture if you want to and it allows bloggers to view the pictures one after the other instead of having to click each picture, and start ALL over again

    1. YW Nadase! I was using my cellphone so they aren't that good, but at least you get the idea. I did not pick up those two prints from Marshalls last week, but I may this weekend.

      Also CONGRATULATIONS on your big news! God is so good!

      Thanks for the tips as well...after some head scratching, I think I figured it out...hopefully. :)

  2. I was going to have a shower in the master bath. I was slightly talked out of it by my SR and realtor. I wish I would have done that instead of the upgraded bath. But oh well.

  3. @Shane, I wanted to shower as well, my SR didn't talk me out of it, I talked myself out of it thinking that not having a bathtub would someone make resell harder. After looking at the model yesterday, I so should have gone with the tub.