Thursday, September 27, 2012

Possible groundbreaking...

I stopped by the community this afternoon during lunch to let my SR know that I had been approved for my loan.  I sent her an email last Friday, but received no response.  She's such a sweet lady, but I believe I will have to talk face to face with her rather than send an email, if I'd like a response.

While there I met one of my new neighbors who closed yesterday and is moving today.  She was nice.  Also had a chance to meet the PM.  He said the building in front of mine would be breaking ground next week...nice, but can you tell me when my building is scheduled to break ground, lol.  He said the week after.  So, crossing my fingers that by the Oct 12 there will be some action.

Totally random & not house related at all...but my coworker is driving me NUTs popping her gum.  How do you tell someone to either not pop their gum because it annoys the living daylights out of you?!?!


  1. Great news, Courtney!! We break ground on Tuesday, Oct 2!! Go to the lady's desk and tell her nicely to stop popping that @#%*()(*&% gum!! lol just kidding!! tell her without the other words lol

  2. LOL, Nadase I may tell her that with all the other words. Maybe she'll get the point.

    And thanks! I'm excited. Congrats to you too!