Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Randomness...

Another totally unrelated post, but today I got a cat/kitten.  I forget who it was out there in blog world that confirmed my cat would meet me at the door and be so happy to see me, lol, but I'll find out now won't I?  I pick her up Saturday....need to do some cleaning, rearranging and getting my mind right (read - get used to having something to care for).  She's coming at a perfect time, I had planned on getting a pet once I moved but I guess sooner is better than later.  Her previous owner got her because she was lonely and had just gone through a break up and wanted something to love.  Seriously...that is the story I was given.  Since things didn't work out the way she planned she was going to put the cat out by the road...seriously again...that's what I was told and still am having trouble believing that.  But, rather than have her go to the animal shelter and be yet another animal who may or may not make it out, I said yes.  No name yet...I'm thinking Pepper, only because years ago I had a cat named Pepper and blackish, orangish, whitish, tabby.  No one else like Pepper but there was something about her that I liked.  So she became mine. She got killed months later in an unfortunate accident and I've always said I'd like to have another cat.  So, I got my chance. 


  1. How sweet is that! I love cats! They have this really cool kitty litter box called the Cat Genie that flushes and cleans the box automatically. One of our bloggers mentioned getting it for her cat. I wished I had this box when I had four cats in my home. Check out her blog and read up on it and how they plan to create a cat room too. Too cute!

  2. Luv my cats, they fill my life with such love.....Nemmerz meets me at the door everytime,,,he sits with me, he is my BFF ....Yup iM A CAT LADY......

    I am so worried about their transition from old house to moms house to new house.....they will be stressed out

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  4. @Nadase - I'll check out the blog, thanks! I haven't owned a cat since I was in college, it'll be a challenge but I'm excited!

    @dwtimes2 - I am SO the cat lady as well, lol. I am worried about the transition from apartment to new home as well...well I guess I should say from temp home, to apartment, to new home.