Saturday, September 29, 2012

Houston, we have a problem...

Things were going along quite well until yesterday.  Well, they're still going well, but there was a problem.  I'd picked out my selections mid June.  Somehow, the change order for my floors didn't get sent to the builder.  I did what I was supposed to do, I stopped in the day after the upgrade was made so that I could sign the change order and the contract could be updated.  I was told that they didn't any any info from the flooring folks and I would get a call., not even thinking that would be a problem had the appraisal done, went through underwriting and 3 months later finally received conditional approval.  I went by the sales office earlier this past week and mentioned the flooring change. She said she would look into it.  Went by again on Thursday and mentioned it again and my SR made some calls and they never received the change order from the flooring folks.  Ooook, so she makes the change, asks me if I want to roll it into my loan or pay upfront but she would send the change to my loan officer.  It never clicked that I would have to get lender approval because the sales price changed.  Never...forgive me, I'm new at this.  My loan officer responds that since the appraisal has already been done and it's been appraised at $X amount, I could possibly have to pay for another appraisal.  What the what?!?! Still not even thinking I respond back to my SR that I would pay upfront for the changes.  Dropped off my check today and my SR asks me why they did the appraisal prior to the property even being constructed. I even know the answer to that? Nope, it's just what BB&T does as part of their process.  And she goes on to tell me that I shouldn't be responsible for an additional $450 for another appraisal (yay! we agree on something) because the bank had the appraisal done before the property was complete or even started and they technically they can't do that, etc....that I should reach out to my loan officer and nicely advise that I should have to pay this fee again.  IDK whose fault this is...but it's not mine...either the flooring folks, Ryan homes, or BB&T is eating the cost of this additional appraisal.  I did what I needed to do, I even followed up and here we are 3 months later and now this.  I am the soft spoken, quiet type, so getting my point across to my LO is going to be tough...but something's gotta be done.     


  1. Interesting!! This is a little messy and I hope it works out for both issues. You really shouldn't be responsible for paying for an additional appraisal. How can they do an appraisal on a house that has not been built; unless they are using the other homes as the standard. If so, the appraisal should remain as is and I believe they do another appraisal towards the end of the build. I would check with your SR and ask do they do the appraisal twice and is this the fee for both which it should be.

    Our SR was very meticulous about getting the change orders complete in a timely fashion. I have to admit, I really appreciated her and all the managers for making sure our paper work was accurate.

    Did you get the break ground date yet?

    1. No ground breaking date yet, only told that it 'should' occur the second week of October.

      You're so right, all this is SR asked me why they did the appraisal before the TH was built, I could only give her the shoulder shrug. I emailed my LO yesterday afternoon and she came back with an explanation but also said she would let me know if there would be an additional appraisal fee. If so, I'm going to my SR and see what we can work out.