Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hump Day...

Not much in the way of updates this evening...I scheduled my appointment with Guardian and playing phone tag with the flooring folks.  But at least we have contact :). 

I read someone's blog today re: their Guardian appointment and they mentioned they didn't get any upgrades so the appointment was pretty useless.  I don't plan on doing anything extra either, but I don't think the appointment will be useless at all.  It's just the basics for me (at least as far as the wiring is concerned).  I plan on adding a security system later, but am pretty sure I can find a great deal.

The flooring on the other hand, that might be a different story.  But we'll see. 

My mortgage professional is on vacation this week, so no news on the status of the application, she has a back up and I will probably reach out to her tomorrow.  I want to stay on top of things (I'm a huge procrastinator) and the more I can prepare now, the better. 

Other than that, nothing else to report.  I went by the site last week and construction had started on the other previously sold buildings.  I believe 2 end units of my building have been sold, so here's hoping the middle unit sales (and here's praying that the neighbors are a great people...apt living has made me such a skeptic, lol). 

But, I'm still excited.  If/when I have more to  share I will.  Later gators.


  1. Stay strong on the wiring and your right, you can definitely get a good deal on a security system if you decide you want one later.

  2. Agree with Thomas. Also, flooring is one of those personal decisions. For me, I hate giving people money through interest and after doing a little calculating I realized that we could put our own choice flooring in (better choices than what the flooring place offered) for the same or lower costs and NOT pay 30 years of interest on it. The way I figured it...I was saving over 10 grand by NOT upgrading and buying on my own later (installation included). Did you know that Home Depot sells the same Bruce Hardwood Flooring that they offer? They do...and not to mention Lowe's (in my opinion) has much better choices on hardwood. I think we are going to put some awesome hand scraped wood on our first floor after closing. It's going to look awesome!

  3. Thanks guys! I was in Lowe's today after work, just walking around looking and I took a look at the cabinet and flooring selection (carpet and hardwoods). You are so right, much bigger selection, much better prices. I did not realize Home Depot sold the same flooring...good to know! I think I'll skip the upgrade and just go with what's been offered by RH and replace later if I want to.