Friday, June 22, 2012

Annnnnd the winner is....

It took me a total of an hour for my floor and wiring appointments this afternoon.  I actually went to the wrong location for my flooring selection, but thankfully I had a few minutes to spare and had my trusty, handy dandy binder with me that contained the correct address.  See if I ever google again, lol.

Anywho, I got there and looked around while waiting for my sales rep to finish her call.  She did and we got started. This was pretty easy, she did touch a nerve though as she kept referring to my selections as...'little' and I mean in the sense of...'well, let me get your little granite or let me get your little cabinet.'  Maybe I took it the wrong way.  As expected I did upgrade flooring, and dang it I didn't get any pics of the standard hardwoods to post along with the selection I chose.  But I upgraded to #2, Bruce Legacy Manor Spice Tint.  It's dark, but really suits the Espresso cabinets I chose.  I think the flooring, cabinets, and granite will look perfectly together.  Of course, that's $745 added to the bottom line, but I'm coming to grips with that.  So, I have the hardwoods in my entire downstairs (kitchen, foyer, great room, and dinette). Kept the standard choices upstairs and went with brownish carpet (no upgrade on carpet or pad) in both bedrooms and linoleum in the laundry room, and both bathrooms.

And the appointment with Guardian went well.  The rep was great.  I fully expected to go in and have him try and twist my arm into upgrades that I didn't need or want.  But he was straight to the point, no need to waste my time with something that I'm not interested in.  So I have 3 CATV outlets, one phone outlet (because I use my cellphone and don't plan on getting a land-line) and I went ahead and signed up for the security system and monthly monitoring for $46 per month for 3 yrs.

So here's my flooring selections (took these pics with my cell phone camera so the quality may be lacking a little but you get the idea :) )...

                                          Cabinets, granite and the flooring choices...the lighter
                                         hardwood was more reddish...but the combo of the floor
                                         cabinet and granite didn't do anything for me :)

                                              Kitchen cabinets, flooring, and granite counter
                                              this picture isn't the best, but you get the idea

                                      Santa Cecilia granite and Espresso cabinets...the pic doesn't
                                       do it justice

                                           Maple Spice, standard white marble, and linoleum

                                          I opted for brownish carpet as opposed to beige, and
                                          kept the standard, the only carpet will be upstairs plus
                                          I'm a 'brown/red' type person when it comes to color.
                                          So the linoleum is tan/brownish as well, which I believe
                                          will go well with the Maple Spice cabinets and marble

                                         Maple Spice, standard white marble, and brownish
                                         linoleum with nickel hardware.

Enjoy your weekends!!

Later Gators!


  1. There is nothing "little" about granite!!

  2. CMM, you're right, nothing little about granite, lol. And Thanks Kim!

  3. Great job, CM Brown! I love the esppresso cabinets combined with your granite choice! There is a lot to be said about "Santa Cecelia! I picked the same granite for my kitchen! I went into Lowe's the other day and was so surprised to see the variations of granite they offered. I really wish RH would offer more color choices.

    1. Thank you! I'd originally picked out a maple colored cabinet, went back to the sales office the next day and the SR showed me the Espresso cabinets and how all the different granite choices would look. Santa Celia (and Espresso) was the only choice.

      I'm so with you on the RH choices. I was in Lowes a few weeks ago myself...daydreaming about decorating my townhome...and I was blown away by all the choices in granite, flooring, and cabinetry. Although I wish RH had more choices, can you imagine how tough it would be to make a final decision? :)