Sunday, June 24, 2012

Framing is up...

not for my townhouse, but for the model. Did a drive by after church services this afternoon and was surprised to find the frame up.  There was other building material there for the other units/buildings.  Yay (even though it's not for my building).  Seeing the frame gave me an overall feel for how things are going to look. 


  1. What city are you building your new home? My niece lives in Richmond, VA! They have a lot of beautiful new homes going up. My husband tried to convince me to move to Richmond because of the price difference. lol She lives close to this mega church called St. Paul's Baptist. When we went to visit several times and we checked out several new builders across the street from the church. He almost got his wish! NOT!

    Feel free to check us out at

    1. Hi! I'm building in Charlotte, NC. I am from the Raleigh/Durham area and what I've noticed is that the cost of living is a little better her than there. So, while I may have considered a move back to the area, I don't think I would have been able to afford a home in a desirable area (and then there's the whole finding a job thing too).

      I found your blog a while back...and I have to tell you, your faith through your journey so far is very inspiring.

  2. Oh, okay, you are in NC! Got it! I agree with the cost of living issue. It is much better in other places; but I am a native new yorker and could not see myself moving further south. lol I went through culture shock from NY to DC. lol I am well adjusted now and the thought of VA gave me the goose bumps. Any whoo, I am exciting for the progress of your home. And I commend you for stepping out on faith and following your hearts desire. Thank you for the compliment! I have learned so much over the past few months that it's amazing! Buying a house....brings out so many sides of you especially when you are working with a spouse. lol This is the very last week we have with the underwriters. So we are expecting great news this week. Fingers crossed!