Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Twas the day of closing and....

it's not going to happen.  I am so over BB&T (Branch Banking and Trust) and my loan officer and her team at this point.  I was supposed to close at 1130 this morning.  It's 1134 and I'm sitting at work, no word from the loan officer but I emailed the attorney and they are telling me they haven't received the loan instructions.  Really?!?  I'm not surprised, this is the same person who last week didn't realize (although she should have) who I had re-selected as closing attorney.  Yesterday I was told that she was sending information to the wrong person at BB&T...and she'd had to resend to the paralegal.  That would lead me to believe that she sent the package over to them.  I gotta stop using common sense logic and get on their level.  So I have no idea when closing will be...but at this point it's whatever.  I don't even care anymore. 

And as I type this I just received information that the loan was finally approved.  I just don't get it...why wasn't this done last week?  It's not like she didn't have all the information necessary to send to the underwriter.  I was led to believe that everything had been approved.

I don't drink but I need a good stiff one right now...I am too through with this whole process.


  1. Wow, I'm sorry... I really hate to hear all the trouble you are going through. This whole process shouldn't be so incredibly frustrating and last minute. I hope it all gets sorted out soon!

    1. Thanks, M! The attorney rescheduled for 4pm today...so it might actually happen today. We'll see.

  2. HANG IN THERE!!! It must be tough waiting, but it will be worth the wait!!


  3. Everything will go according to divine order. Sometimes we have to just roll with the punches. Hopefully, you don't have to wait much longer.

  4. I don't drink either Courtney! BUT I WOULD HAVE JOINED FOR A DRINK ON THIS ONE!