Friday, January 11, 2013

Closing...tentatively Jan 15

Is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan 15...

You'd think at this point I'd have no worries and all would be well...

My final appraisal was ordered and completed Mon/Tuesday.  Pre-Settlement walkthrough was Tuesday at 9am.  Got an email from my 'realtor' (yeah, I am so putting him on blast when I get a chance) who I haven't heard a peep from since mid July telling me that my attorney (shouldn't have provided his information to them) has not received the closing pkg from the bank.  My LO said yesterday she hoped final approval would be completed...yesterday.  It wasn't.  Emailed her this morning and asked...what's the status, is there any other information you need?  She emails me back that the underwriter needs additional bank info. couldn't have sent this to me last week sometime?  Nah, that would have been too easy.  I sent the information and not 20 min later get a call.  It's goes something like this:

LO: Hi Courtney, it's ____!
Me: Hi  *blank stare*
LO: We have a problem
Me: Ok *blank stare* *knot forms in throat*
LO: I have the RH attorney down for you...we can't use them
Me: *thinking to my self - seriously...wth* I told me the week before Christmas that I would have to chose another attorney...I did.  I'm using _____.
LO: Oh...I wonder if they've done the title search...
Me: *sigh...thinking why the heck did I chose this bank* Yeah, the week of Christmas I was told they would start the title search
LO: Oh, good.  I still had the RH attorney down
ME: *thinking to my self...good grief...I emailed you the name of the atty I selected and you said you'd reach out to them* I have been in contact with ____ at _____
LO: OK, I'll reach out to her.

Seriously...seriously....SERIOUSLY!!!!! I know she received my emails because she responded to them.  So 2 business days before possible closing and this is what you got for me?  I was supposed to receive an email from my LO once the underwriter had confirmed the pkg was sent.  Guess email.  Surprised...yeah, I'm not.  So I emailed my attorney/paralegal to see if they received the pkg.  I need to know Monday what amount to bring to settlement and right now I have no idea.

Oh and if closing doesn't take place on the 15th, the info I sent expires.  Yay me! *Sarcasm* so I have to go through all this again. 

My attorney's office is open tomorrow til I am hoping the paralegal responds that they received the pkg.  If not, we'll try it again.  This will not get me down, I won't allow it....but I just hate to go through the motion of rescheduling everything (movers, utlities, days off work...ugh!)


  1. I really hate how all of this stuff seems to happen so last minute. It makes what should be a really exciting time... really frustrating! I hope everything comes back in time and your closing goes smoothly

    1. Thanks, M! Hopefully it will. You're closing pretty soon yourself, hope everything is going ok on your end!

  2. Geesh!! Your blog reads and feels like my day today!! Ugghhhh!! Do not get the disconnect!! WT? I just knew we were all set until our Loan Processor's tone of voice started to change. So you know I know how you feel. It just may TURN out with everything moving as scheduled because you still have tomorrow and Monday for paper work to be processed. I believe you should be fine (just keep the phones going out and talk to people's manager's, if necessary.

    I think picking up the phone is the key and calling everyone you can call which is what we did for the last two days. One of the frustrating things for me today was rescheduling the deliveries. I never schedule the mover because we were moving in slowly but I wanted the keys to start organizing the move since there are several preliminary things I that need to be done.

    It looks like Courtney, Nadase, DWtimes2 and M will be closing the same week. DW is scheduled for January 15 too and M is scheduled for January 16. YAY! I have my fingers crossed and prayers lifted that we all have our keys next week. YAY!!!!

    1. Nadase, I will be praying for us all as well as bugging the heck outta folks over the next few days. Things are going to work out.

    2. I was very angry about everything but no I realize these extra days is giving us time to finish up the loose ends. :-) I feel so much better!!

      What time is your closing on Tuesday? Did you finish packing?

      I agree everything is going to work out - this was just a TEST of patience!

    3. Closing is scheduled at 11:30 on Tuesday. I am still packing...started last week but didnt get very far. Gonna try again tomorrow and see what gets done.

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  4. Hi Courtney, what's the 411 hun????