Saturday, December 8, 2012

Progress Pics...

Stopped by this morning on the way to the gym and discovered a few surprises.  I am still going back by tomorrow, lol, because it's just habit and it's quiet.

Garage door installed...looks like they are ready to pour my drive and "walkway" and I'm guessing that ditch is for water? Maybe?

Opened the drawer...well, because I'm nosy and this was there

Granite countertops - Santa Cecilia

More Granite countertops - Santa Cecilia

And again... Granite countertops - Santa Cecilia

I can't remember if this is with or without the flash...but look at the difference btwn this pic and the next

I think this is with the flash maybe...idk...but such a difference in how it looks

well, hello there

Paint on my cabinets... :(

I didn't notice this til I was out of my kitchen area...yay! goodies!

And more goodies...the microwave

Yes...I took the cover off the microwave err...dishwasher to get a picture, lol.  Pretty and shiny :)

Well, well, well...what do we have here? Is this the trash can...I think not.

And more trash...

I had to remove the cover and take a pic of the pretty and shiny :)

closet in the foyer...I assume this is where my breaker box will be.  Looks like the shelving is up in all the you'll notice in the other pics :)

Half bath...not much to show...we have a towel rack and a toilet paper holder

Yes...another closet with a shelf...just a warning there are probably 3 or 4 more pics just like this :)

I never noticed these stuck on the window...

Railing is up and ready for stain

Sample of the flooring upstairs, it actually looks better in person than I remember

You'll notice a theme here...I opted for the silverish/nickle look...but I should have gone with bronze.  It's fine, b/c I can change it out a little at a time.  I'm happy with this

Fire alarm...maybe?

2nd bath..flooring installed

2nd room closet, it's so roomy...a little high though.  I was looking at closet units from some point I will invest in that option

Upstairs programmable the 2nd room...not the master or the hallway which is weird.  It's in a room that I will probably never go in

Yes...another closet.  I think there's one more pic of a closet.

Ahhh, the last closet pic

Master bath lighting...

Master bath celing fan

Coach lighting outside

Dining area lighting

Downstairs ceiling fan/light

1st floor thermostat

Someone forgot their hat...must've forgot that along with the trash

Window sills...all are installed but for some reason didn't notice until I walked back downstairs


  1. Looks great! In my professional opinion, the first granite photo is the one with flash. Flash tends to wash things out, and takes away some of the warmth. Plus the top of the wall is bright but the bottom of it is shadowed. :)

    1. Thanks, Amanda! I think you're right about the flash.

  2. I love your kitchen! The espresso cabinets & the granite look great together.

  3. Wow! Your house took off! I love the St. Cecilia granite! It looks like our granite came in the same coloring. It looks great with your espresso cabinets. I have to admit the 60/40 sink is hot with the granite combo--I made the same choice. It gives the kitchen a gourmet look and feel.