Saturday, December 15, 2012

More updates...

Went by today on a whim.  Ran into my new neighbor who I am guessing has not been stalking her home like I have mine, lol.  Doors are officially locked :( but I'm gonna see if I can get in tomorrow and take some pics.  Ran in the the PM this afternoon as well...flooring/trim etc is in but final paint, landscaping, utility hook up etc will occur next week.  Pre-settlement walkthrough is Jan 10 (let's see if this holds true)...he mentioned a letter...but I haven't (nor my neighbor) received anything, maybe it'll come this week. Closing is now Jan 17 I believe - at least that's what the SR told my loan officer when she contacted me about locking in a rate (which I hopefully can do next week).

View from the window (so not used to not seeing everything up close and personal). 

View from my car of my building/unit.


  1. Hi Courtney, it's getting closer! You should have your letter next week? How come you didn't ask the PM to let you inside to take pictures?

  2. Yes, it is Nadase! You know what, I didn't even think to ask the PM to go inside, I was too excited to hear about the final updates and the pre-settlement walk through.