Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Interesting updates...

I received an email from my loan officer today advising me of a couple of things:

1). RH confirmed the townhouse will be ready for closing on January 15, 2013
2). Final appraisal can be done once construction and lanscaping are complete.  That's an addt'l $75-$100 added to my GFE (good faith estimate).
3).  I can now lock my rate as I am 28 days away from closing.  I can email my LO daily after 930 am EST to inquire about rates
4). Unfortunately, the bank is making me choose another settlement attorney.  I was going to use the atty that RH/NVR uses because I more than likely would have been able to get my keys the same day as closing.  Guess that's not back to finding someone suitable. 

So, I guess I need to start packing and arranging movers, huh? Perhaps that can wait til after the holiday.


  1. Courtney, I pray that you get the perfect attorney for your closing to get those three shiny new keys to your new home. Isn't it a blessing it's only weeks away.

    Question: why are they adding more money, this fee wasn't incorporated into your original purchase agreement??

    Congratulations on locking in your rate any day now! My LO said the rates have been pretty steady over the past few months. Your LO should have the general lock rates for the month. Check with him.

  2. Woo Woo we are closing twins......same day :)

    Congrats on the lock!!

  3. @Nadase - the addt'l funds for an appraisal goes back to the issue in Sept with the flooring upgrade. I was going to roll that into the mortgage but when the SR emailed my LO to advise she said they would have to have another appraisal done and told me it would cost another $450. After some back and forth between the LO, me and RH...we agreed to a fee just not another $450 fee. The bank sent someone out to do an appraisal...basically on a building that hadn't even been constructed. Oy-vey!

    I hope the settlement attorney I find is good as well, this is such a blessing I just want things to go smoothly.

    @DW - Hey, twin! Have you locked your rates yet?