Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Guardian meeting...

Got the call from Jim at Guardian and I meet with him Friday at 230pm.  I stopped by today after work, just as I was about to hop outta the car he called...too bad he couldn't have just driven over and met me, lol. 

In my unofficial visit today the framing for the kitchen island was up...there's a bit of an issue that I notice with the craftsmanship, but I'll bring that up to my PM in my pre-drywall meeting which I suspect might be sometime next week (no definite date yet though).  The splintered beam that I saw earlier was taken care of, didn't notice the bent beam in the garage today though.  I was too excited that all the lumber was gone and I could actually walk around without having to climb over something.  The excitement is building.


  1. They work fast, don't they! Courtney you will be in your house very soon! What is your settlement date again--not sure if you posted it!

  2. Nadase, they work really fast! My settlement date isn't firm yet, my PM has only said mid January...I'm hoping no later than January 14. I think Pre-dry wall meeting might be next week, so I'll have more info soon hopefully.