Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Closer Look...

Did my usual Sunday drive by and took a closer look inside. :)  My PM left a message yesterday...the expect to complete framing Wednesday and then start whatever is next (he said but I can't remember right now).  Closing is scheduled for mid January.

Here we have a view from the outside

Managed to get around the lumber and peek into the garage
My stairs! So, I seem to have a fascination with stairs, perhaps not growing up in a home with stairs did that to me, lol. 

One of the supports bends in a little...not sure if it's supposed to do that or not.  But here's a view into the open space living/dining/kitchen area

The living space :)

Foyer looking outside

Two side added option...I love natural light, the more the merrier

The kitchen area we have a view of the second bedroom

View of the master bedroom (funny but today the 2nd room looked much roomer than the master)

Master closet

2nd room closet which is truly a walk in...from touring the model home it's so roomy

2nd room...again :)

1/2 bath downstairs